UUCJ Partner Organization Definition and Criteria for UUCJ Board Designation as a Partner Organization

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A partner organization is one whose mission, vision, and values are in harmony with UUCJ’s mission, vision and values.

An organization eternal to the Church may petition the UUCJ Board to be designated as a partner organization. The petition must be accompanied with documentation indicating how its mission, vision and values are in harmony with those of UUCJ. It should also indicate the reason for seeking partner organization designation, and how both the organization and UUCJ would benefit from such partnership.

The UUCJ Board reserves the right to consider and grant partner organization status to the petitioning organization and to grant to such organization access to UUCJ facilities and internal publicity.

Recognition as partner organization does not necessarily grant automatic access to UUCJ facilities or internal publicity as doing so is entirely at the UUCJ Board’s discretion.

Added per Board approval July 2, 2019