Ministry-Furthering Initiatives That Fall Outside Portfolio Structure

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UUCJ members who wish to undertake given initiatives related to social justice, affinity groups or classes that do not fall within the approved portfolio structure may at any time submit a ministry furthering proposal for approval and which, upon approval, allows for facility rental fee waivers and coverage under UUCJ’s insurance policy.

In order to seek approval for ministry furthering social justice initiatives, affinity group activities, or specific classes, a Proposal Form must be filled out annually by a UUCJ member in good standing who is designated as the Responsible Party. The Proposal Form must be accompanied by the signatures of no fewer than five (5) UUCJ members committed to substantial support of the initiative, group, or class. The Proposal Form must be approved by both Minister and the appropriate Board Portfolio Leader. (Social Justice Initiative Proposals will be reviewed by the Outreach Portfolio Leader; Affinity Groups and Adult Religious Education Classes will be reviewed by the Inreach Portfolio Leader). If the Proposal is approved by Minister and Portfolio Leader, the Responsible Party will also need to submit a Facility Usage Request Form to be approved by Minister and appropriate Portfolio Leader.

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