Authority for Access to Church Data

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Position PowerChurch Data Online Directory
Membership Budget Pledges
Congregation Members None None None Own
Office Volunteer None None Write-All
Board President Read Read None Write-Own
Staff Minister Read Read None n/a
Administrator Write Write Write n/a
Director RE Read None None n/a
Back-Up Admin-Finance None Write Write n/a
Back-Up Admin-Membership Write None None n/a
Finance Committee Chair (Coordinator) Read Read Read n/a
Treasurer Read Write Write n/a
Members None Read None n/a
Mission Funding Chair Read None Read n/a
Admin Team Read Read Read n/a
Membership Committee Chair Read None None n/a
R.E. Committee Chair Read None None n/a


  1. Write access allows the person to add, edit, delete and read records.
  2. Read access allows the person to read records but not to make any changes.
  3. Only administrator or Back-Up Admin-Membership may add, edit or delete Membership records.
  4. Only Administrator, Back-up Admin-Finance and Treasurer may add, edit or delete Accounting (Budget) and Contributions (Pledges) data.
  5. Members may add and edit their data in an on-line directory, then Administrator adds to PowerChurch.
  6. Transactions must have an audit trail.

Added per board approval June 6th, 2016